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The Girl Who Hates Sidney Crosby
Flyers vs Penguins January 13th 2009 
14th-Jan-2009 11:18 pm
It was a game i attended but i was very disappointed in the Flyers play. The passes were off, shots not very accurate, two broken sticks at unfortunate times resulting in a 4-2 loss to the penguins. If the Flyers were on their A game I'd give the Penguins more credit, though i must admit MAF played a good game.  Anyway Crosby only had 2 assists and was a plus one for the game (named second star!!!) and already hardcore Crosby fans gave him all the credit for the win because of Crosby showing amazing leadership skills during the game....whatever.

Any way, here is two of the many pictures taken at the game..

Props to that guy with the sign. It also took many atempts to get Crosby standing next to it, this is the clearest one of the handful I apologize.

And now my favorite picture.

Woe!?! What is that i see?? His name is finally spelled correctly? Could it be?? =D

In othere news, the Penguins lost to the Capitals tonight 6 to 3 so its obvious the Penguins battle is hardly over. They were tied 3 to 3 in the third period until the Caps rounded up three more towards the end. The last goal was even short handed scored by Jeff Schultz.

A commonly asked question by Penguins fans is why is Crosby always booed in other arenas?  Their unanimous conclussion? Jealousy.  WHICH IM SICK OF HEARING!!!!!! Funny thing is though, Alexander Ovechkin was booed on Penguins ice tonight. Im guessing jealousy? Or Penguins fans double standard for their claim of "not being "allowed" to boo a good player"?? "You can only boo a good player if you have a good player on your team or else YOU look like an idiot!" That is what I'm getting out of it. Some people just have a hard time understanding Crosby isn't going to be loved by everyone, and why should he be? Just because he is good? I hardly find that the only reason to like a player. Especially Crosby's case lately with his third-man-in-sucker-punching-faceoff-attacking-without-challenging stunts.  Are they supposed to be overlooked? Are those not good enough reasons to dislike or not respect a player?  According to Crosby's fans who assume he does no wrong, they aren't

The Girl Who Hates Sidney Crosby

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